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Just because it says Minimalist doesn't mean it isn't packed full of the rich good was that your skin deserves!

Does your skin often feel dry or thirsty for some type of moisture? This time of the year is when we usually have to layer on the products....but not with this one!

This is the Creamiest, Silkiest Body Butter we've ever made! Leaves your skin feeling like Velvet!

Our Minimalist Luxurious Fragrance Free Body Butter is an option for those with sensitive skin or those who prefer all the goodness but none of the fragrance.

We combined both the silky & smooth feel of lotion with the svelte and skin nourishing properties of body butter! You get both which offers you long lasting moisture, silky soft skin and it's deliciously scented!

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Kokum Butter, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Cocoa Butter

This products come in an 8 oz. Jar

Minimalist Luxurious Fragrance Free Body Butter

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