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Let's talk about moisture and repair! 

Our new Acai & Sage Intensely Moisturizing Deep Treatment is one for the books! 

Working deeply within the hair shaft and follicle to repair split ends, damage and replenish the hair from everyday goings on.

A mixture of delicious Oat Milk, Acai & Goji Berry formulated to take your hair to the next level!

Key Ingredient

Acai Berry

Acai Oil coats the hair shaft, adding moisture and shine, and decreasing frizz. This protective coating of antioxidants is also excellent for protecting hair color, as it prevents oxidation from free radicals, which causes fading. It also has Omega-3s, which are extremely beneficial for skin and hair.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Oat Milk, Agave Nectar, Marshmallow Root, Ashwaghanda Root, Sage, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Cottonseed Oil, Acai Powder, Goji Berry, Burdock Root

8 ounces

Acai & Sage Deep Conditioning Treatment

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